Poetische Geheimnisse auf Deutsch von HenriBeaumain

...revealing the secrets of happiness and peace of mind

Henri Beaumain alias Henk Bouman 

„By stopping my thoughts I can hear the secret words and sentences whispered by the swirling of the wind. New discoveries are made“


My poems

‚Handcrafted delights that can brighten up your day‘. 

„Read aloud, to blow away the dust of words and find the truth hidden in the soul of my poems to heal yourself from thoughts“


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Poems about the wonders of nature reveal the secrets to those who are looking for or happiness and comfort

Observations. Feelings. Love. Following the rhythm of the Japanese art of rhyme and inspired by letting go of thoughts

"Read in the stillness of the breeze to enter in your soul who's hunkering to make contact with you as a person of flesh and blood." HenriB


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